Sometimes it happens that a person wakes up to a life that suddenly seems very foreign to them. I am just another guy in his 50s who decided to make a change and go a new direction. I read a lot as a child and dreamed of being an academic but life got in the way. I ended up having all sorts of adventures, and I returned to college and graduated last year. Life is good and it seems as if it makes sense now and again.

Every morning when I am in my city home, the three dogs, inherited from the children as they left to go be adults, beseech me unyieldingly for a walk. We go about two miles usually, through the Patch, one of the oldest neighborhoods in the city of St Louis. If I have no classes to teach, this event may be my primary responsibility for that particular day. I solve a lot of the world’s problems and make sense of many of the mysteries of life during this time. Sometimes strange things happen as well. I thought I would share this with you.