Groff Again

“For it is a deep and human truth that most souls upon the earth are not at ease unless they find themselves safe in the hands of a force greater than themselves.”

So I succumbed to the hype and reserved a copy of Groff’s latest, Matrix, at both the city and county libraries. I even put myself on the Large-Print list because I was like the 27th hold on 8 copies or something. Tommy was reading it and I almost bought it because we had enjoyed talking about Fates and Furies so much. Way before I thought it would be ready the library sent an email that a copy was waiting for me and it wasn’t the large print either. Maybe should have bought it to support Lauren. I dunno, I would have ended up giving it away, I don’t store books for years and years anymore and my shelf is near full.

It is about time for a harrowing. I have a number of books I had the greatest intention of reading and just have not found the interest. I started Wolf Hall a couple of times, that should be a good fit for me, I don’t know why it is not. Love in the Time of Cholera feels so familiar, I have started it several times, each time thinking I have read it before. Beloved I will re-read, when I can handle the depth. Morrison is such a treasure. The Kite Runner comes highly recommended from somewhere or another, I should at least give it a try. There is an early Eugenides and Ishiguro and a copy of In Cold Blood. Ohio and The Hail Mary Project I have read, I just need to find a good home for them. There is quite a bit of reading on that little shelf, and some good stuff as well.

But Groff is the star in ascension for me right now. Matrix is quite different than Fates and Furies. I have only read the first section but like it. I was introduced to Mary from France a couple of years ago in college. I was entirely struck by the quote,

“Anyone who has received from God the gift of knowledge and true eloquence has a duty not to remain silent: rather should one be happy to reveal such talents.”

So I am quite excited to see what else Groff is going to do with the character in the book. I sent a comment to Groff on one of her Twitters and she “liked” it. I told Tommy about it and he thought it cool. He said “You read what she wrote and she read what you wrote.” I laughed and mentioned Vonnegut had written something about an author having a readership of one and being content and Tommy said Epicurus said something like that too. We have different backgrounds he and I, but it is striking to me that we draw the same sort of ideas from wildly disparate sources. Humans seem a finite entity.

6 thoughts on “Groff Again

  1. I thin out my collection of books now and then. My main rule is that if I wouldn’t enjoy reading again, I don’t need to keep it. I would definitely get rid of a book that you haven’t gotten around to reading, because if it was good enough for you to read, you would have read it by now!

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    • Yes, yes. For me, re-reading might not be something I will do. But I hold some of the classics for a time. They are classics for a reason. It took me forever to get around to reading “Madame Bovary” and when finally did, I thought it a wonderful book, not what happened to the characters or how they treated each other, but the presentation and the very strong characters. It was a great read. I am glad I didn’t get rid of that one.

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      • I liked that book too! It is a hard read sometimes, but definitely a classic. Personally, if I really like a book, I enjoy reading it more than once, but that’s not for everyone. That’s the joy of books: they are a different experience for everyone!


  2. I popped over to your blog from Ann’s and I’m happy that I did. Fates and Furies was one of the best (well-written) books I have read and I’m happy to know that there is a new one from the author. I will put a hold on it at our local library. Thanks for the tip. We have similar taste in books, I see.


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